Fuchs Dystrophy Can Be Cured Using Descemet's Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty

Fuchs Dystrophy Can Be Cured

The human eye relies on several important structures to transmit visual images to your brain from the outside world. A problem with any one of these structures can significantly impair the clarity of your vision as well as your overall quality of life.

One such problem, known as Fuchs’ Dystrophy, affects the cornea. This genetic condition causes microscopic bumps to develop on the Descemet’s membrane of your cornea, causing the endothelial cells to stop working properly.

In time, this can affect the delicate hydration balance in the cornea affecting clarity. Some people with Fuchs’ Dystrophy will notice blurry vision starting to develop due to swelling in their cornea.

Fortunately, Dr. Aaron Waite can cure Fuchs’ Dystrophy with Descemet’s Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK). This technique essentially removes and replaces the dysfunctional inside layer of the cornea while leaving the rest of the normal cornea untouched.

The treatment has a very high success rate with a low rate of rejection. Once the DMEK procedure has been completed, it will effectively restore the cornea’s hydration balance, as well as the natural clarity of your vision.

Dr. Waite will help you understand any diagnosis, treatment and necessary postoperative measures to optimize your vision.

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