LASIK Offers Minimal Sedation and Offers Quick Recovery

LASIK Offers Vision Correction

The human eye is a complex marvel of nature. Its various structures allow our brains to translate visual light into messages that define our understanding of the world around us. When something affects the health or basic function of your eyes, it can impact your overall quality of life and potentially lead to safety issues.

Here at Waite Vision in Lehi, Utah, our physician is proud to offer LASIK refractive eye surgery as part of our diverse menu of services. The procedure has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to help patients struggling with nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

Many people ask if patients are fully sedated during LASIK surgery. LASIK does not require full sedation. However, Dr. Aaron Waite does offer mild oral sedation to patients to aid with anxiety. It is intended to alleviate your stress during the procedure allowing you to relax comfortably.

LASIK has a long-standing reputation for a quick recovery time and excellent safety. The overall improvement in your ability to see eliminates the need for glasses, contacts or other corrective eyewear.

Our physician will provide you with any necessary aftercare instructions. Brief follow up appointments help ensure that your eyes are healing naturally.

If you live in Utah County or Salt Lake County and have vision problems, you should call us to set up an appointment at Waite Vision.