Refractive Lens Exchange Can Replace Glasses or Readers

Refractive Lens Exchange

The human eye is composed of several different structures that work together to allow your brain to process visual information presented by the outside world. One of the more important components is the lens of the eye, which quickly allows you to change focus from far to near and back again.

As the years go by the natural processes of aging and certain other eye conditions can cause the lens to lose its once crystal clear focus. Many people start to notice a problem like this around 45 years of age.

If you have noticed a change in vision clarity, you should set up an eye exam with Dr. Aaron Waite and the staff at Waite Vision located in Lehi, Utah. After assessing the nature and severity of your vision problem Dr. Waite will present you with an effective treatment plan.

Some patients who suffer from significant deformation of the lens might be good candidates for a refractive lens exchange treatment. This involves a minimally invasive outpatient surgery where the dysfunction lens is excised and replaced with an artificial lens. This can help correct your vision and eliminate further need for reading glasses or bifocals.

If you live in the area surrounding Lehi, Utah, and you have noticed a problem with your vision, you should call us today to schedule an examination with Dr. Waite and the staff at Waite Vision.