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LASIK Utah & Vision Correction Cost


It may seem difficult to get a direct answer to this question while searching LASIK online. The price varies from practice to practice and none seem to offer their price before you come in the door. At Waite Vision, we are different. We are transparent about our prices and will give you the information you are looking for. In the United States, the average cost of LASIK is around $5000 for both eyes.


When compared to the alternative of glasses and contact lenses, the cost for LASIK is actually very reasonable. It is far more economical and actually safer than wearing contact lenses. The average person will spend $25,000 or more over 20 years on glasses, contact lenses, solution, eye exams, etc! Not only is LASIK less expensive, and safer, but also gives you better vision than contact lenses. Instead of renting your vision by paying monthly for contact lenses, you can own your vision by getting LASIK.

Here are the main factors that go into the cost of LASIK. The lasers used for LASIK are very advanced technology with the precision to write letters on a human hair. Two different lasers are needed: one to create a computer guided flap, and another to reshape the cornea. The most advanced LASIK is not possible without BOTH lasers. At Waite Vision, we only use the most recent lasers and technology and only perform the most advanced LASIK.

The lasers are an essential component for advanced LASIK but are simply tools to be used by the surgeon. The most important part of vision correction is actually the surgeon behind those lasers. It takes years of training for a surgeon to be adept at vision correction, with countless hours of dedicated education, training, and experience. When considering your vision correction surgeon, look for one who’s willing to take the time to explain the procedure, listen to your concerns, and who has put in the dedication to be the best in the field. At Waite Vision, you meet directly with Dr. Waite who will formulate a vision correction plan for you. You will also meet with him after surgery to make sure everything is going according to your plan.


If you think you can get LASIK for $250 an eye, you are mistaken. This is a bait and switch marketing technique used to get you to come in for a “free consultation” at many discount LASIK centers. At the end of the consultation, you will be informed that you do not qualify for the low price. The actual price of the surgery is often much more than $250.

Your vision is priceless. Why consider discounting one of your most precious assets? For example, if you need brain surgery, would you start searching for a discount brain surgeon? Your vision should be treated the same. If a LASIK center is charging less than an average price, you should be asking yourself how they are able to do that. What shortcuts are they taking, or technology are they skimping on in order to save costs? That perceived savings is not in your best interest. Your vision is a priceless asset, don’t discount it.


At Waite Vision, our prices are all-inclusive. The price includes your vision correction using the latest technology, all the visits, eye drops, any need for enhancements, along with a highly qualified physician who makes sure everything goes perfectly. Our job isn’t done until you are ecstatic with your perfect vision. For LASIK at Waite Vision, we charge $2850 per eye, or $5700 for both eyes. Our pricing is not contingent on your glasses prescription or the technology used. We use only the best technology, and always keep it up to date. We do this because your vision is totally worth it. We believe in price integrity. We never up-charge for any reason. When you come to Waite Vision, you make one of the best investments of your life. Your new improved quality-of-life and fantastic eyesight is worth every penny.