Optometrist Improves his Vision with ICLs

Imagine waking up at night to take care of the kids and you can't find your glasses or contact lenses. Vision correction is truly life changing.

My name is Dr. Anthony Podlaski. I'm an optometrist in Las Vegas Nevada and I had had ICL surgery. For me, I've grown up since second grade, have had glasses, contact lenses since high school. I was very nearsighted, so I relied on them all the time. I need them all the time. Without them, I couldn't see past a few inches, past my face clearly. So for me, it's made a huge difference in that I could just get up in the morning, do anything I need to do. I have children, if I get up in the middle of the night with them, I don't have to worry about finding my glasses or worrying about looking for my contact lenses to put them on to see what's going on with them. And so for me, it's opened up a lot of freedom that I didn't have before.

It has just really made things a lot easier, made life a lot easier. Not having to worry about glasses and contacts. I realized my eyes heavily for work because I need to be able to see what's wrong with other people's eyes. So for me, I wanted to make sure that what I had done was very safe and the outcome was very successful and so that way I wouldn't affect my livelihood or the eyesight of my patients. So after having my ICL surgery done, I would definitely recommend Dr. Aaron Waite to do any refractive surgery you may need, ICLs or any other eye surgery that you may require.