Vision Correction With ICLs is Life Changing

Dr. Chiu is an optometrist who noticed a huge difference in his life after getting his vision corrected with ICLs (implantable contact lenses). Not only did it help him with his work seeing other people's eyes, it also improved his basketball game!

I'm Dr. Chu. I'm an optometrist from Las Vegas, and I had ICL surgery with Dr. Waite.

My prescription before was very high, was about a -9, and ever since the surgery I'm back to 20/20. Everything's been great. When I wake up in the morning I can see my alarm clock. I'm playing better basketball now. When I'm working I can see everything. As an optometrist, you have to really scan the eyes of your patients. With my new vision, I'm able to see everything really clear.

I used to wear really thick glasses, and peripheral-wise seeing on the sides kind of distortion a little bit. ICL's perfect. I don't see any distortions. Everything looks very clear to me. Dr. Waite's a great doctor. I had a lot of trust in him, and he just kept me at ease the whole time. He does a very efficient and professional job.